Land Development

With their full-service contracting business as an obvious launching point, RMR Group approaches land development from a holistic perspective. Their unmatched resources enable RMR Group to manage the entire development and subdevelopment processes - from purchasing the land and developing it appropriately, all the way through construction and sale. RMR Group hires the best realtors and architects to facilitate the process. Completed land development projects range from individual spec homes to large farm and ranch properties and multi-unit developments (both individual homes and condominiums).

RMR Group’s ability to develop a property from start to finish can benefit clients in a variety of ways. Some clients utilize the RMR menu of services to create their own spec home projects; RMR Group can shepherd the entire project from finding the property through the sale. Others rely on RMR Group for the complete creation of, and intelligent planning for, large parcels of farm and ranch properties. From the inception point of client vision, RMR has the experience and horsepower to take even the largest development projects from engineering and land planning through final landscaping and property sales.